Missing since

“My father was a fun person who loved life. He liked to sing alot, and was an expatriate in Latin America. Two years after he came back to Lebanon, he was abducted in his car, and he was never seen ever since.
He was known for his great kindness and love for people. He would always help others and also adored roses and nature.”

Talhat, Shafik’s father
مفقود منذ عام

"كان والدي مرحاً جدّاً، يحب الحيّاة ككلّ، ويحبّ الغناء تحديداً. كان مغتربًا في أميركا اللاتينية، وبعد عامين على عودته إلى لبنان خطف من سيارتِه ولم يُعرف عنه شيء بعدها.
تميّز والدي بطيبته الشّديدة، ومحبّته للناس ومساعدتهم، وعشقه للورود والطبيعة."

طلعت، ابن شفيق