Missing since

“My father used to work in the gendarmerie. He liked books and loved to read a lot.
He adored nature as much as he loved his family and friends. My father was a role model to everyone.
He was very kind hearted and had a deep love for his country. We miss him so much!”

Tony, Samir’s son
مفقود منذ عام

"كان والدي في سلك الدّرك. كان يحبّ الكتب والقراءة كثيرًا.
كان يعشقُ الطّبيعة ومحبّاً للعائلة وللأصحاب وقدوةً لهم.
كان طيّب القلب وأحبَّ وطنه كثيراً.
كم نشتاق إليه!"

طوني، ابن سمير