Missing since

“I drew the Kufiyah on the chair that my brother was wearing all the time around his neck. I did not have the chance to get to know my brother very well because I was young when he went missing, but throughout my life, I have heard Mohammad's stories, and I am so proud of him. He's a hero.”

Sawsan, Mohammad's sister
مفقود منذ عام

"رسمتُ على الكرسي الكوفية التي كان أخي يرتديها دائماً حول رقبتِه.
أنا لم أعرف أخي لأنّني كنتُ صغيرة جدّاً عندما فقد، لكنّني عشتُ وسمعتُ قصّته وأنا فخورة به لأنّه إنسان بطل."

سوسن، شقيقة محمد