Missing since

“My brother Mohammad loved his country as much as he loved his family.
He was known for his strong personality, his values and his love for everyone.
He was always welcoming and his house was open for help.
I hope that by the upcoming Eid we will know something about him and about the rest of the Missing loved ones.”

Ali, Mohammad’s brother
مفقود منذ عام

"كان شقيقي محمد يحبُّ وطنَه مقدار حبِّه لعائلته.
تميّز دائمًا بأخلاقه العالية وشخصيّته القوية وحبّه للجميع.
كان دائم التّرحيب بجميع الناس وكان منزله مفتوحًا لخدمتهم.
أتمنى مع قدوم العيد أن نعرِف أيّ شيء عنه وعن باقي المفقودين الأحبّاء."

علي، شقيق محمد