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“The drawing on this chair represents my brother’s personality and his love for nature. Fouad was a very social and hospitable person who enjoyed getting together with different people. He was very dedicated to his job in painting and decoration, but he struck the balance between his dedication for his work and his love for people.”

Kamil, Fouad’s brother
مفقود منذ عام

"تعبّر الرسمة على هذا الكرسي عن شخصيّة أخي وعن حبّه للطبيعة. كان فؤاد شخصًا مضيافًا واجتماعيّا، يحبّ الاختلاط بالناس. كان مخلصًا لمهنته في مجال الدهان والديكور ووفّق بين إخلاصه لمهنته وحبّه للناس."

كميل، شقيق فؤاد